With the advent of the Internet and email technology, direct mail has experienced a dramatic rise in popularity as one of the most effective marketing tools today. But how can you capitalize on this? Direct mail isn’t just about sending out a bunch of letters. A well-planned campaign includes a number of different tactics that work together to create a powerful promotional strategy that drives sales, increases brand awareness and increases customer loyalty.

“ELDM” is an effective new approach to traditional direct mail advertising. What does this mean? “ELDM” stands for “electronic mail marketing”, and refers to the latest state of the art technology that allows you to instantly target a specific list of prospective customers. Now, coming from a large commercial printing company based in Plano, Texas, we know that you probably think we’re dropping a bomb here… but don’t worry – the system actually works!

“ELDM” works by using electronic postage to determine the price you’ll charge for any direct mail piece you send out. With the latest technology, an ” ELDM “piece of mail” can be flagged for inclusion on someone’s postal mail list based on certain pre-programmed criteria. These criteria include things like if the envelope is addressed to a specific home or business, if it’s signed with a valid email address and if it was stamped with a postage stamp (yes, from our printing house). Once this information is entered into our system, the USPS will either approve the listing or immediately deny it, saving you money on postage costs and helping ensure your piece of mail goes directly to the customer.

Once you’ve identified your intended customer profile, you can use a variety of different tactics to build a lead generation plan around them. If you intend to list only selective areas of a city, for example, you can target neighborhoods with higher populations. For areas within cities, you can target specific ZIP codes or even individual neighborhoods. If you want to get local Direct Mail pieces to a larger audience, you can combine mailing lists with online marketing. List building tactics such as this can increase the number of prospects your direct mail piece reaches by identifying targeted markets with high demand, and then putting in an extra effort to contact these individuals to make sure your marketing campaign reaches its goal.

Another great way to increase the effectiveness of direct mail pieces is to combine them with other types of direct mail marketing, such as a health savings brochure or a senior production sample book. Although it’s unlikely your health savings or senior production sample book will necessarily reach all your targeted demographics, it will help bring in extra business. The same goes for a direct mail brochure or other “high impact” brochure. If you’re going to mail a health savings brochure or book, your mailing list needs to have a high degree of relevance so that you receive positive responses. Your mailing list needs to be tightly targeted, and you need to set aside a certain amount of money to cover costs for your marketing efforts.

Even if you decide to go with one of the more simple direct mail strategies, such as sending out a bulk direct mail piece or a bulk mailing list, you should still consider printing extra copies of important marketing material. Direct mailing materials are relatively inexpensive when compared to print media, so it makes sense to invest a little extra on your printing to ensure your success. With the extra printing cost, you can either cut down on your marketing material costs or increase your margins. Many businesses don’t bother with printing extra pieces of paper; they’d rather pay a higher cost to buy these marketing materials in the first place. However, investing in extra pieces of direct mail material can give you an additional source of income, which can easily pay for itself in no time. For more details on direct mailing visit Einstein Printing a reliable Garland print shop at https://www.northdallasprintingservices.com/.